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Charlotte's 28205 ZIP code — which includes much of Plaza Midwood, No Da, Chantilly, Belmont and Windsor Park, among dozens of other neighborhoods — had the highest number of same-sex couples than any other ZIP in the state.From 2005-2009, the Census Bureau's American Community Survey again tracked same-sex households across the country."But there are neighborhoods that have a diverse population and higher percentage of gay residents." The federal people counters began collecting information on same-sex couples in 2000.The result was a revealing glimpse into a community the government had never thought to track before.Despite his bulk of neighborhood-building experience and wisdom, Warshauer admits it is no easy task pinpointing an area in Charlotte that is clearly defined as LGBT."I don't think there is a Chelsea or Castro in Charlotte," he says.

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Perhaps living alone sends the right signal about independence and availability – or perhaps living alone just makes dating easier (does anyone really want to hear their mom ask, "Honey, can I make you and your friend some pancakes? Whatever the reason, we get it: so we looked at the ratio of men living alone to women living alone in order to assess the dating scene.

We’re talking about Brooklyn, Indiana, “the Town Seen from the East.” Founded in 1854, Brooklyn, Indiana may be a small town (1,613 people, according to 2013 data), but it has a big heart. Encinitas, California is known for being a leader in the ornamental flower industry, particularly poinsettias, but it also should be known for being a wonderful city for newly married couples.

With affordable housing, quality jobs and exciting activities right at your fingertips, you won’t regret putting down roots in Encinitas.

Tom Warshauer has called Charlotte home for 23 years, moving here in his early 30s to take a job with the city. These gayborhoods, many of which formed decades ago, contain heavy concentrations of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) residents and clusters of gay-owned-and-operated businesses, bars, restaurants and shops.

He has lived in some of the city's hippest neighborhoods, including Dilworth, Uptown and, now, Plaza Midwood. They've become famous worldwide as true gay villages — cities within cities where LGBT people comprise the majority of residents and business owners and rainbow flags are hung even outside non-gay-owned businesses. Census data shows LGBT folks are spread across Mecklenburg County.


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