Dating a japanese sword

If naval history isn’t your thing, you can also find titles featuring comely cars and moe mushrooms.

There’s a new entry in the subgenre though, and judging from its all-pretty boy roster of characters, it’s been designed with female otaku gamers in mind.

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More than anyone else, it’s for that demographic that cast of dudes with smooth facial features and elaborate hairdos was crafted.

Only the long and earnest study of Nihontô will hopefully one day teach us to read a sword first, and the mei last.

However, if there is a mei, then we must be able to decipher it.

As such, it’s no surprise that the men of Touken Ranbu are all based on something long and hard…plus sharp, as they’re all anthropomorphized swords.

to be a testosterone-dripping smorgasbord of boobs and swordfights, but the truth is very different.


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