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In 1994, Michael Ciravolo took over as the new director for Schecter Guitar Research.Ciravolo introduced new guitar designs the same year, and continues to expand the Schecter line with new innovations and designs.However, our USA Custom Shop Masterworks series can build virtually any guitar to any spec you want, but please be aware that base prices generally start at ,500-,000.« Back to Top Because Schecter started business as one of the first aftermarket companies for parts, including necks and bodies, it can be hard to determine year of manufacture since these early guitars assembled from parts did not have serial numbers.You can choose from the finest exotic woods, hardware, pickups, etc. See your Authorized Schecter Dealer for more information and price quotes.« Back to Top All Schecter Diamond Series instruments are only available in their existing specifications as listed in our current catalog and website.

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We do not customize or modify our Diamond Series guitars or basses in any way.Instruments currently produced in Burbank, CA since the late 1980s and the Diamond Series in South Korea since 1998 and Indonesia since 2014.Previously produced in Van Nuys, CA between 19 and in Dallas, TX between 1983 and the late 1980s.Schecter Guitar Research, commonly known simply as Schecter, is a US guitar, bass and amplifier manufacturer.The company was founded in 1976 by David Schecter and originally produced only replacement parts for existing guitars from manufacturers such as Fender and Gibson.By 1983, Schecter had reached its custom shop production limit and could no longer meet demand.


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