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Once you are happy in your own skin, it is so much easier to start expecting good things to come naturally into your life. If the Major Arcana card surfaces first, then it will be with someone from your soul group.

You will find yourself a magnet for positive people and that is the kind of person you want to be with forever, right? Whether or not this is someone you have already met in this lifetime is decided by the Ace (someone new) or 6 of Cups (someone you already know). Shuffle the cards as usual, focusing on your future lover…

When the transformational power of Pluto squares off with the erratic energies of planet Uranus on June 24, won't we all want to have someone to hold on to?

Then, one day later, Jupiter will throw its most expansive vibes at fantasy-prone Neptune!

This reading helps you to make wise choices in love.

Are you under love's magical spell, or still looking for your fairy tale ending?

This card, Pluto (change) and Mercury (self-talk) form the key to unlocking the missing ingredient for complete and total self-fulfilment.

From compatibility readings to those focused on helping you find someone special, deepen your current relationship, or get closure on love lost, you'll find a reading personalized for you.

We recently got married and I have never been happier! A really good relationship starts with a happy and contented you. (You will find out how to calculate the latter HERE.) The reason for choosing two significators is that they carry different meanings.

Use the Single and Happy Tarot Spread to lay a great foundation. If the Court Card surfaces in the ‘love pile’ then you will be in a relationship with someone that you have a karmic/past life connection with.

It continues: Of course, if I add that the female in question, as well as myself, are married, but to different parties, we may recklessly take the Maybe! On the other hand, since the card fell on the floor I am merely presuming it fell in the upright position.

On the card it says, "Re-evaluation." The text starts with, Maybe! , and continues, But a falling card is not a card I selected.


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