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Their names appear in inscriptions written during the period described by the Bible and in most instances during or quite close to the lifetime of the person identified.” The extensive Biblical and archaeological documentation supporting the BAR study is published here in a web-exclusive collection of endnotes detailing the Biblical references and inscriptions referring to each of the figures. brings together the exciting worlds of archaeology and the Bible! 945–924, 1 Kings and , in his inscriptions, including the record of his military campaign in Palestine in his 924 B. (Note: The name of this pharaoh can be spelled Sheshonq or Shoshenq.) Egyptian pharaohs had several names, including a throne name. The same statue engraving later mentions both Hadadezer and Hazael together (RIMA 3, p. i, lines 25–26) in a topical arrangement of worst enemies defeated that is not necessarily chronological. 47–48, correct the earlier absence of this Hadadezer in (notably on p. or served as co-regent 844/842, 2 Kings , etc., in the Melqart stele, following the readings of Frank Moore Cross and Gotthard G. Reinhold and Cross’s 2003 criticisms of a different reading that now appears in , vol. It seems likely that Bar-hadad/Ben-hadad was his father’s immediate successor as king, as seems to be implied by the military policy reversal between 2 Kings 6:3–23 and . Free Sex Chat is an adult webcam community where you can watch live sex shows for free.It took some time for us to decide to join the WWOOF program as we were unsure of how we would feel about strangers staying with us. We have been host members of WWOOF for 1 year now and have had 4 amazing ladies stay with us and another arriving I can honestly say that what we have received out of this experience far exceeds anything we might have thought. We now look forward to meeting our next WWOOFER on the weekend and can’t wait to see what we learn from her.The ladies have given us assistance in keeping our farm running smoothly and helping us to catch up on jobs that we just get too busy to get to sometimes. Sabrina from Italy, a dance teacher, started us on the road to learning Salsa, something my husband and I would not have done without her. Elodie from France introduced us to milk on cake, helped us during calving time and was so interested in everything to do with Australia that it made us appreciate even more that we live in this great country. Overall it is hard to explain but having WWOOFers stay with us seems to increase our enthusiasm and happiness here on our farm.The alpacas are always a treat as they are a very inquisitive when guests come over.


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