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About Role play wiki page (RP) is simply pretending to be someone or something to simulate an experience, usually interacting with others doing the same.The simplest 'game' is just a gathering of friends, endulging in a common tale.Role play is a well established principle of education, psychotherapy, self-exploration, and entertainment.We pretend to remove those limitations when simulating an experience.Some are open in creativity and free action, some aim to more strict controlled interaction.There are five types of role playing: Non-literate, Semi-literate, Literate, Advanced and Elite.Unlike real life which limits the extent of presentation changes to represent a role, Second Life affords endless ways to represent a given role, a character with credibility.First of all, each RP sim and community has it´s own set of rules.

I asked him if he wanted me to dress and he said yes. She was Homecoming queen, class president, and cheerleader captain. My smoking hot Mother-in-law Deb arrived at the jail to visit her daughter Misty. They watch her strut down the sidewalk toward the front of the building. I […] As my wife was being booked in to the jail, I come home to discover she was gone. Me and Misty’s Mom, Deb, drove around looking for her. The driver said she had been arrested, and taken to the […] My 21 year old wife Misty was woke up by the slam of the motel room door. Therefore, I was at the mercy […] It’s me again, Lisa, Clnt’s wife.Welcome to Elliquiy, the largest, most active adult roleplaying community on the Internet, and one of the largest play-by-post forums in the world. If you are over eighteen years of age and are interested in erotic writing, come write with us. You can be a Doctor, naughty Nurse, Prisoner or School Girl, just to name a few genres available.Have a browse and dress up as something you always wanted to be and as a bonus we have costumes available to suit every budget, so you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for it!To experience something without real life limitations.


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