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It wasn't until after a bad breakup, however, that she realized redoing profiles was something she could be doing professionally.

"My friend came over, and I was looking at her profile thinking, 'Well if my love life sucks, I may as well get yours in order,'" Hoehn said to Business Insider.

How does one summarize a life of experiences in an interesting and attractive presentation when you have no idea who is on the other end?Whether you’re new to online dating or haven't had much luck, our service delivers the edge you need over your dating competition.With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, we are passionate about helping Australian singles maximise their online dating experience and finding their ideal match.Since launching Profile Polish a year ago, Hoehn's business has increased rapidly, and she now gets between 10 and 15 requests a week.The vast majority of her requests come from men, and they tend to be on major platforms like Ok Cupid and You only get one first impression so wouldn't you want to get it right?


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