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While mostly a slice of life as Judy and Nick find out more about each other, and try to figure out their relationship, loose ends from the missing mammals case will eventually emerge. The dazed look on Nick's face was too much, and she couldn't help letting out a giddy little giggle.She was so wrapped up in the moment that she didn't notice the large presence looming over them both.Also, Miguel, you don’t have much room to talk, because I’m pretty sure you’re not actually of Spanish descent.”Derek’s grandmother relishes setting her single grandchildren up on Valentine’s Day.Only, less ‘setting up’ and more 'forcing them to run a singles-only scavenger hunt where the prize is love or at least sex’. Derek never WANTS TO win.“It’s so commercialist, and all it does is bring people down who don’t have a special someone.”“Basically.”“Are you two seriously discussing your hatred of Valentine’s Day when a man with a gun is walking around the store?Our site claims no credit for any videos posted on this site unless stated otherwise. Well, not my real name real name,” he amends when Derek raises a judgmental eyebrow.

Clawhauser stood there a moment longer with his paws balled up against his cheeks like he always did when excited. Although it was impossible for a red fox to blush, Nick was sure he was based on the warmth blooming in his cheeks.

She's from Taiwan and I'm from France so it was unlikely we met in the first place.

she could have chose any city in France but she chose mine.

When I met my girlfriend a lot of coïncidences occured.

I suffer from social anxiety, so basically I don't go out that much.


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