Sedating your cat for travel devotions for teen dating

Place the carrier in your cat's favorite room and put a towel or pet bed inside.

Further enhance the appeal of the carrier with a sprinkling of catnip or by regularly giving your cat tasty treats inside the carrier.

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Get your cat or kitten used to the carrier long before your trip.For trips over two hours, use a plastic, hard-sided carrier lined with newspaper, covered with a blanket.It must be large enough to allow your cat/kitten to turnaround, sit up and stand up.An airline will require a health certificate for the cat, issued within 10 days of departure; a car trip requires a certificate from within 30 days.Select a carrier that is well-ventilated and big enough for your cat to get up, move around in and stretch.Avoid letting the cat out of the cage, unless leashed, until you reach where you are going.


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