Trina and french montana dating

I just feel like if this my sister, I’m going to rock with my sister for whatever it is and nobody is gonna turn me against my sister.I just feel like it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.She did confirm, however, that she actually introduced French to the whole Kardashian klan, since she and Kim were friends.“The last time I saw her was at Kanye’s concert in New York,” Trina said of Kim.

star was spotted dining in Las Vegas on Saturday, July 4, with none other than NBA pro James Harden.

I just love having long talks,” she explained, to which Big Boy replied, “You definitely not dating French Montana then.” The actress also revealed to Big Boy that sex scenes can be awkward — she needs someone with self-assurance to handle watching from the sidelines.

A seemingly drunk Lathan was seated on French’s lap in the back of a vehicle. I am not trying to be caught in the box of anything. Fans of both entertainers are taking the news of their romance with mixed reactions.

Khloe and James are not officially dating though and are just friends hooking up.""Trina has been telling her friends Khloe can continue to have her sloppy seconds once again.

Trina still hasn't spoken to Kim since Khloe and French got together and you know they were good friends.


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