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He pasta away.”) If the selected candidate replies — signalling interest — the user can enter into a real online conversation.

Justin, hoping to humanize his app a bit, named it Bernie, in honour of a close friend and dorm mate who died in 2009.

Tinder’s giddy, rapid game of choosing a match based on looks alone has a predictable downside (Vanity Fair blames the app for bringing on a “dating apocalypse”).

For better or worse, online dating has long since lost any whiff of the lonely hearts stigma.

You choose your match based on a quick look at a photo, swipe right for yes and left for no.

If that person also swipes right on your photo, you can message each other — it’s sort of like shopping with a pre-approved mortgage.

They lived near each other on the Simon Fraser University campus and found themselves often running into each other at the bus stop. “The bus ride,” Elyssa said, “was always too short.” They became friends. It proved so popular that by the start of this year, he came up with an improved and more universal app that used artificial intelligence. Those photo scans not only look for preprogrammed physical attributes the user desires — like blond hair or almond-shaped eyes, or, in Justin’s case, someone, he said, who smiles — it also looks for emotional attributes, like modesty or kindness.

In 2009, Justin graduated and Elyssa spent the next couple of years finishing up at SFU. Not surprisingly, given his tech background and status as a young single male, in 2014 he signed on to dating sites Tinder and Happn. It was frustrating having to swipe through page after page of profiles of women, most of which didn’t interest him. In 2015, he created Tinderbox, a computerized robot app of Tinder that could learn which attributes the user found attractive — in effect, editing Tinder for his best selections. uses facial recognition technology to scan the millions of profile photographs on a multitude of dating sites to pick out suitable candidates.


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