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Take the winnings in poker chips and crush them into the glass. Take the collective memories of the customer (preferably from their childhood up until that specific moment in time) and place them into the drink. Be sure to use a hazmat suit and dispose of Spice Boy as soon as possible.11.To this day, the 30-year-old claims he would have remained at Anfield and been part of last season's Champions' League-winning side but for Gérard Houllier driving him out of the club.It is an incredible notion, even if the former Liverpool manager did undermine the local hero before his £11m move to Leeds United and Milan Baros did lead the team's attack in Istanbul.Not long after announcing his arrival at Anfield with five goals against Fulham in a Coca-Cola Cup tie in 1993, Robbie Fowler picked up his training bib and found the name "God" daubed across the back.During his first four prolific years at the club it was a moniker that aptly, if somewhat blasphemously, captured the spirit of a young phenomenon heralded as the saviour of a football club struggling to come to terms with life without the League title.not my entire friendship group and sometimes (yes girl) my Mam…Once upon a time, Ryan Rhodes was supposed to follow his good friend Prince Naseem Hamed on the fast track to superstardom.

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Siobhans new single, Dont Give It Up, (which was out last week) is a quirky and left-field slice of pure pop.

He was even responsible for introducing the flip routine that the brash featherweight ultimately popularized by incorporating into his ring entrance.

He was known as “Spice Boy” at a time when the UK-based Spice Girls were among the hottest pop bands in the world.

Not many know of Siobhan Donaghy, but all seems set for her to become huge once again, yes once again.

She was the part of the original cast of UKs sugababes, after she left she released her very critically aclaimed yet not such successfull debut "Revolution In Me".


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